Australasia's only purpose-built test facility for mobile and stationary HVAC/R

The purpose-built SuperTest facility in Queensland accurately and scientifically validates the performance and efficiency of mobile and stationary HVAC/R systems and components, simulated in real-world conditions to help you:

  • Achieve cost efficiencies without dramatically affecting operational costs
  • Improve operational economies
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards
  • Minimise emissions and food waste

Engaging SuperTest to assess equipment designs and operational processes enables your team to certify, make refinements and improve the overall design or processes before you commit to large investments, with the potential to make substantial up-front savings and minimise ongoing costs.



SuperTest enables you to:

  • Find out how equipment and vehicles react to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Maximise the thermal efficiency of your vehicle bodies, trailers or HVAC/R equipment
  • Optimise your cold chain processes
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with component calibration and product testing requirements



The controlled temperature in all three SuperTest environmental chambers – including one big enough accommodate Australia’s largest known registered vehicle – can range from -20°C to +55°C with 40 to 98% RH in a steady state.




Operated by Supercool Group – considered one of Australasia’s most knowledgeable and passionate teams in the understanding and study of the physical properties of heat, energy and thermal efficiencies – SuperTest is the only accessible and affordable purpose-built environmental test centre of its kind in Australasia.