At SuperCool we help our customers create a better world where CO2 emissions are reduced, the cold chain is more efficient, food wastage is minimised, and mobile and stationary air-conditioning and refrigeration deliver cleaner air with minimum environmental damage.

We do this by providing you with a powerful combination of testing, validation, monitoring and training solutions, each designed to help you make more informed decisions in your business and create a positive impact on your bottom line.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your HVAC&R equipment, upskill your team, and ensure food quality and integrity are maintained throughout the cold chain, we’re here to help.

SuperTest is the largest HVACR testing facility in the southern
hemisphere with two purpose-built test chambers for highly accurate testing, prototyping, validation and certification.

Our large chamber can accommodate a full-size bus and is ideal for analysing the performance, capacity and efficiency of cooling and heating systems. The second chamber suits large refrigerated cabinets and consumer appliances, with the right conditions to test to GEMS & MEPS protocols.

SuperSchool is an online and in-person training platform for cold chain and HVAC&R professionals. Giving you smart and actionable training without unnecessary bells and whistles, SuperSchool courses and in-person training days help you learn critical job-relevant skills to work with today’s cooling systems.

Bridging the gap between traditional tertiary education and specific on-the-job training, SuperSchool’s courses are grounded in profitable outcomes and help your business reduce waste, especially in the cold chain sector.

SuperSense SMARTprobe is a product simulation probe that mimics the core temperature of your unique product. Set it to act as cheese, sausages, ice cream or any chilled product to save time and eliminate unnecessary and destructive temperature checks on real food.

Couple your probe with the SMARTware app and you can calculate and map the real-time temperature of food products in a range of environmental and refrigerated conditions throughout the cold chain.

Helping to power global food transport for McDonald’s and used by cold chain giants such as Aldi and FedEx, the Euroscan system monitors temperature throughout the entire product journey.

Reliable and accurate, the Euroscan recorder keeps track of up to six refrigerated compartments, providing data points every second. An instant printed temperature report is created for each critical control point, offering data transparency for anyone transporting and storing temperature-sensitive products.

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