From supplying high-quality products to helping you clarify, improve and iterate on complex system designs, SuperCool helps you deliver better results for your customers, streamline procurement, reduce downtime and achieve better environmental outcomes.

How We Help

  • Testing, analysis, validation and certification for vehicles and equipment
  • Distribution of HVAC&R service consumables including oil and cleaning chemicals
  • Training and targeted skill development programs for technicians
  • Compressor manufacture via the Unicla brand
  • Consult to the cold chain industry, helping to improve processes from farm to fork
  • Provide support in navigating regulatory frameworks in the HVAC&R and EV sector
  • Distribute the Burgaflex range of AC hoses and fittings
  • Provide end-to-end transparency of environmental conditions throughout the cold chain with our SuperSense SMARTprobe and software

At a Glance

Founded 1981 | Headquartered in QLD, Australia | 15+ staff | Global distribution


Our driving force is to create a better world in which food wastage is minimised, CO2 emissions are reduced, the cold chain is more efficient, and mobile air conditioning delivers cleaner air with minimum environmental damage.

Sustainable practices within our own business and in the solutions we provide to our customers have been part of our DNA for decades, including:

  • Investment in infrastructure that enables more efficient system and product design, helping customers achieve significant energy savings
  • A product suite chosen for its minimal environmental damage, including reusable Burgaflex fitting systems and earth-friendly Viper HVAC&R cleaning chemicals
  • Strong track record of environment-first initiatives, including being the first in Australia to capture and recycle refrigerants, and advocating for the phase-out of harmful CFCs
  • 100% renewable energy-powered head office, architecturally designed to minimise reliance on artificial light
  • Waste, packaging and recycling initiatives to minimise our carbon footprint

Ethical Standards

The SuperCool Group continues to innovate, using our knowledge, experience and facilities to improve industry standards for both people and the environment – but this is never at the expense of our ethics.

Ethically sound business, corporate and personal practices are part of our day-to-day operations, with a process-driven scientific approach guiding our business outcomes – if it’s not good for people or the planet, it’s not good for us.

Modern Slavery Statement

SuperCool Group and its subsidiaries are currently working with our suppliers and manufacturers to develop a Modern Slavery agreement. We’re committed to tackling this complex problem on an ongoing basis and seek to engage fairly with every part of our supply chain.

As a manufacturer, we can be particularly hands-on in this process, with our house brands being manufactured in facilities where conditions are above industry standards, people are paid fairly, and staff welfare is paramount.

Process-Driven Partnerships

Tried and tested processes govern the operation of our business, giving you confidence in our quality standards, delivery times, complaints handling and workplace safety.

Our standardised testing and validation methods follow documented procedures, with transparency at the core of our customer relationships. We partner with you in a joint investigative process, helping you get to the root cause of inefficiencies and offering advice to improve systems and equipment for increased efficiency and better long-term performance.


  • Assessed and certified in ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • Test chamber designed to meet ISO 23953-2 Refrigerated display cabinets – Part 2: Classification, requirements, and test conditions
  • Capable of carrying out refrigerated vehicle testing according to AS 4982 which includes heat leakage test (k-Coefficient) and Effectiveness of Refrigeration units under European Standards including EN16825, EN16901 and EN16838
  • NATA accreditation (currently in progress)
  • In the process of developing test protocols for equipment such as ice machines and hot water heat pumps which fall under ISO 19967-1 and AS4865

Impartiality Statement

SuperCool Group’s testing division, SuperTest, will perform Testing Services in a manner consistent with the level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by high-level analytical laboratories currently practising under similar conditions and circumstances and performing similar services. SuperTest will apply the highest standards of independence and impartiality to the Testing Services performed and necessary actions will be implemented to ensure that all Testing Services are conducted in an open, independent, and impartial manner, and to eliminate or minimise any risks that might occur that would jeopardise SuperTest’s commitment to impartiality.

In addition, SuperTest’s laboratories Management, Engineers and Technical Operators must perform his/her work impartially and take all measures to prevent any situation where s/he has an interest that may compromise or be reasonably perceived to compromise his/her ability to work independently, (‘conflict of interests’).

SuperTest will take measures to prevent any situation where the impartial and objective implementation of the work is compromised for reasons involving economic interest, political or national affinity, family or emotional ties or any other shared interest (‘conflict of interests’). Should SuperTest Management be made aware of a company or personnel conflict of interest the customer will be immediately notified and steps will be taken to remove or reduce the conflict of interest.

SuperTest aims to work in accordance with the impartiality requirements laid out in ‘ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’ and will periodically review our processes and identify any risks to impartiality on an ongoing basis.

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