Advocacy Work and Industry Support

We’re here for the technicians, the industry, and the wider community.

Advocating for change and improvement in the industry, particularly around the big issues such as climate change, food security and energy, is part of the fabric of our business. 

Our mission is to create a better world through clean and efficient HVAC&R solutions. We do this by helping to drive advancement and innovation in services and manufacturing throughout the industry – a pursuit that frequently extends beyond our own business.

Food Wastage 1

We are acutely aware of the HVAC&R industry’s contribution to global warming and work diligently to advocate for the use of less harmful refrigerants, better uptake of electric vehicles, more efficient system design, and reduced gas leakage. 

This stance informs both the direction of our own business and our involvement in a range of industry groups and forums.

Food waste

Food waste is an alarming issue with one quarter of Australia’s fruit and vegetables never making it to the plate. This loss accounts for almost two million tonnes of otherwise edible food worth over $3 billion, largely due to cracks in an under-performing cold chain. 

We work with associations such as the AFCCC to bring cold chain guidelines into the spotlight and increase training for those at the front line of the country’s food production, storage and transport sectors.

Future skills

Equipping tomorrow’s technicians with the skills to build, service and maintain rapidly advancing technology will be vital in helping to advance new concepts that are better for the environment. 

Shifting knowledge from a specialist ‘outlier’ skill to democratised training for the masses is something we’re passionate about. This has led Supercool to develop a training arm for our business, and we actively lobby for changes to formal education so it better meets the needs of the industry.

Speaking engagements and expert commentary

Supercool’s Managing Director, Mark Mitchell, is enthusiastically involved in a wide range of industry forums, councils and working groups both locally and abroad. 

Mark is available for speaking engagements and event appearances by arrangement – please get in touch for more information. 

Areas of expertise
  • The economic and environmental impact of food waste, particularly in the cold chain
  • The history and progression of vehicle air conditioning and transport refrigeration from its inception to today
  • Lobbying governments to expand and formalise skills programs and vocational training
  • Advocating for better refrigerant and environmental legislation 
  • Consulting with the Australian Government on HVAC&R legislation and codes of practice

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