SuperCool sources, supplies and manufactures high-quality products for the mobile, industrial and commercial HVAC&R industries.

Our diverse range includes the world-renowned Unicla compressors, the Viper range of cleaning chemicals, Burgaflex AC and refrigeration hoses and fittings, and our own HVAC&R lubricants.

Whether you’re a technician searching for the best products or an engineer wanting to improve the efficiency and serviceability of your equipment, we’re here to help you to streamline procurement, reduce downtime, and create better outcomes for your customers.

Unicla is a respected brand of mobile equipment compressors. First established in Japan in 1964, Unicla compressors have become a favourite of technicians and system designers alike due to their robust design, high-quality manufacturing, and straightforward servicing.

Unicla compressors range in capacity from 45cc to 675cc and are
ideal for the transport air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

Food safe, technician safe and environmentally sound, the Viper range of service and maintenance chemicals is designed for both mobile and stationary HVAC&R systems.

Manufactured by Refrigeration Technologies, Viper products are non-toxic and create a safer workplace, and they give excellent results!

With technician favourites such as Big Blu, Viper Brite, Nylog and more, the Viper range contains everything you need to efficiently service and clean HVAC&R equipment.

The world’s simplest air condition and refrigeration hose system, Burgaclip lets you change and crimp a new hose in 30 seconds flat.

The Burgaclip system and accompanying Burgaflex hoses, pipes,
tubing, fittings, brake lines and air lines offer technicians a better, faster way to work. Hoses and fittings can be replaced on the fly with excellent reliability and leak protection, promising up to 75% less leakage than traditional connections.

These refrigeration and HVACR oils replace your mixed bag of multiple brands with one simple, easy to handle solution. premium HVAC&R lubricants offer reliable, precision performance in mobile and stationary systems so you can use with confidence.

Developed in consultation with OEMs, the range includes synthetic POE, PAG, PAO, mineral and assembly lubricants in a range of viscosities.

When hooking up your equipment to an existing air-conditioning or refrigeration unit, the only real way to know what you’re getting into is by using a refrigerant identifier.

SuperCool imports and distributes US-made Neutronics identifying tools. These handheld units help you to accurately pinpoint the refrigerant mix in a system, preventing contamination through quick and easy sampling.

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