Our Story

Everything the SuperCool Group does and every product it sells contributes to a better world in which food wastage is minimised, CO2 emissions are reduced, the cold chain is more efficient, and mobile air conditioning delivers cleaner air with minimum environmental damage.

We apply our long history in mobile air conditioning and transport refrigeration to improve industry standards for the benefit of people and the environment, by openly sharing our knowledge and experience.

Among our products and services are HVACR testing, validation and certification, compressor design and manufacture, training and education, temperature monitoring and remote management solutions for the cold chain and cold storage industry, HVACR service consumables, and industrial flexible lines and connections.

Here in Australia, SuperCool Group of Companies has been in operation since 1981 and engages in the sourcing, supply and manufacture of products to the mobile, industrial and commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, plus the provision of best-practice consultancy services to these sectors.

Our early history goes back to the era when motor vehicles did not have air-conditioning fitted as standard, and all the components had to be made and fabricated independently. 

Eventually, the Unicla brand of systems and components became synonymous with the SuperCool name, culminating in the eventual purchase of Unicla by SuperCool in partnership with Peter Yee and his Hong Kong-based IAEL Engineering Group in 2005.

Partnering with leading brands ​

SuperCool has established joint-venture partnerships with the Burgaflex and Euroscan brands in Asia-Pacific and built one of the largest, most advanced HVACR testing centres in the Southern Hemisphere. 

SuperCool also maintains long-term exclusive distribution agreements with brands in its portfolio such as Refrigeration Technologies.


In addition to our overall business strategy to actively seek out and support environmentally compliant HVAC&R systems and processes, we have also implemented several simple internal strategies to improve our sustainability and environmental impact, including: 

  • Rainwater catchment and grey water recycling within our facility for our toilets and gardens
  • A substantial solar installation on our head office roof, significantly reducing the demand for power from the grid
  • Reducing the use of plastics in the packaging of our product range
  • Diligent cardboard and paper recycling from any packing material

Social & Community Impact ​

A diverse team

Our employment strategy is to be inclusive and open to all. We hire people with suitable skills, experience and qualifications, and a friendly outlook. Our people have a balance of technical, business and people skills, a commitment to learning and a willingness to help us achieve our company mission.

In line with this, we partner with disability employment organisation Makeables to assist with sorting parts and creating kits – a vital part of keeping our business running smoothly. Our strategy is to grow this opportunity into wider component manufacturing as demand increases.

Supporting local businesses

Since our business began, we’ve always looked to our local business community first to support not just Australian businesses, but our local business community on the Gold Coast. 

In building our new test chamber, for example, we worked with local mechanical engineering consultants and building contractors, as well as Enginova, Air Change, Richards Steel, M6 Electrical and Freelance Robotics – all of which are located within a 50km radius of our head office. 

Developing the next generation of HVAC&R professionals

Since 2016 SuperCool has been an Affiliate Industry Partner of Griffith University and is continually engaged with supporting both professors and students in their professional studies. 

We open our doors to the university community, providing opportunities to support their learning or provide cases studies to finalise their Doctorate or Honours degree. SuperCool also provides an open workplace and access to our systems and instrumentation to allow students to complete the practical requirements of their degree. 

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