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Australasia’s only purpose-built
testing facility for mobile and
stationary HVAC/R. Now with
NATA accreditation.

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Australasia’s only purpose-built test facility for mobile and stationary HVAC/R. Now with NATA accreditation.

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SuperTest Testing and Validation Centre

The purpose-built SuperTest facility in Queensland accurately and scientifically validates the performance and efficiency of mobile and stationary HVAC/R systems and components, simulated in real-world conditions to help you:

  • Achieve cost efficiencies without dramatically affecting operational costs
  • Improve operational economies
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards
  • Minimise emissions and food waste

Engaging SuperTest to assess equipment designs and operational processes enables your team to certify, make refinements and improve the overall design or processes before you commit to large investments, with the potential to make substantial up-front savings and minimise ongoing costs.

What Does Good Refrigeration Look Like?

This is the question that consumes us.

See how SuperTest is defining what good refrigeration looks like so that we can help our customers reduce food waste, conserve energy, and be kinder to the environment.

Testing, Validation and Advice

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SuperTest is a purpose-built testing and validation centre on the Gold Coast. We use deep knowledge and smart technology to help our customers design efficient equipment and vehicles, and then see how they perform under real-world conditions.

Prototype, test, measure and certify just about anything in our five independent test chambers, the largest of which fits a full-sized trailer. Access thousands of data points, covering everything from energy efficiency to food packaging simulations.

Then, couple this highly accurate data with our consulting services to design better products for your customers, reduce food waste, increase energy efficiency or improve your transport processes.

Energy Efficiency
K Value
Microbial Growth
Thermal Efficiency

Compliance and Testing for MEPS, GEMS & Australian Standards

Need the data so you can get the tick of approval? SuperTest can help. Our controlled environment is the perfect solution to test your HVAC&R systems. Our 3 large test chambers can range from +-0°C to +55°C with 40 to 80% relative humidity in a steady state.

Plus, we can provide check testing to help you comply with the GEMS Act, offering manufacturers of appliances and consumer products a simple and thorough validation process.

Whether it’s a refrigerated semi-trailer, an evaporator, a clothes dryer or even a wedge of cheese – we can provide accurate test data backed up by reliable advice so that you can make informed design, storage, and transport decisions.

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A Unique Testing Facility in Queensland

Our Gold Coast facility comprises several different test chambers open to anyone who needs to test, certify, validate or prototype a product. We follow strict testing procedures so you can be assured that your results meet the highest level of integrity and are conducted in accordance with relevant standards.

Our facilities:

Main Chamber:

  • Measures 19.8m long, 6m wide and 6m high (large enough to fit a double-decker bus)
  • Features a secondary internal door to split this room into two sections – a 13.3m long chamber and a 6.5m long chamber.
  • Doorway entry of 3.98m wide x 4.5m high 
  • Holds -+0°C to +55°C
  • Equipped with Eltek data loggers and a WinControl operating system
  • Insulated split barn doors for moving large equipment in & out
  • Fully integrated cool room ideal for cold chain process simulations

Secondary Chamber:

  • Self-contained room ideal for compressor performance and capacity testing
  • Measures 6m long x 3.5m wide
  • Has interconnected refrigerant lines to test chamber 3

Third Chamber:

  • Self-contained room ideal for compressor performance and capacity testing
  • Measures 4.5m long x 3.5m wide
  • Has interconnected refrigerant lines to the secondary chamber

New Test Chamber 6:

Whilst our heritage stems from mobile HVAC&R, we have grown in response to market requirements and now specialise in both mobile and stationary HVAC&R, as well as power consumption and efficiency.

Our newest test chamber offers a unique low-velocity, high-volume parallel airflow with control tolerances or +-1degC of setpoint and 3%RH between 40% to 80%. This test chamber is uniquely designed for testing refrigerated display and storage cabinets (RDC/RSC).

  • Measures 9m long x 5m wide x 3m high
  • Conforms to the test room requirements of ISO 23953-2:2015 Refrigerated Display Cabinets Part 2: Classification, requirements and test conditions
  • Clad in 150mm thick PIR insulated panels for exceptional thermal performance
  • Engineered for precise control over air velocity, temperature and humidity

Our Testing Process

When you engage SuperTest to test or validate your equipment, we follow a standardised planning and testing protocol that provides a structured formula for meeting test objectives and deadlines. Every project is different and we can customise our approach to your needs, however our general process follows 8 distinct phases:

  1. Write a test description and confirm this with the client
  2. Analyse the test process and identify the staffing and equipment requirements
  3. Allocate a scheduled testing window and advise the client
  4. Set up the testing functions in our dynamic project planning software
  5. Receive the equipment for testing
  6. Conduct the testing
  7. Advise the client of any variation or failure and seek advice on the next steps
  8. Analyse the data and produce a full report

Our testing facility has been operating for many years meaning we have a wide range of testing and calibration equipment on hand, along with extensive networks of internal and external experts should we require something unique for your testing procedure. SuperTest is also the primary Unicla OEM compressor R&D facility.

SuperTest is a NATA Approved as a Test Laboratory Under ISO/IEC 17025, ensuring competence and validity.

With our experience, resources and knowledge, we aim to provide comprehensive testing, practical advice, and responsive customer service to ensure you are always kept informed throughout the project.

We don’t just provide the data – we help you interpret it too, based on our deep understanding of the HVAC&R landscape.

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Get guidance, advice and data to help you build it better.

If you have a complicated problem our team can help you untangle it, using decades of manufacturing and engineering knowledge.

We’re obsessed with accuracy and work diligently to get to the heart of the issue, so we can begin solving it together to help you create better, more efficient and more reliable products.

Get in touch and let us know what challenges you’re facing on your design, manufacturing, certification or energy efficiency journey.


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