Confidence in a can.

Lubricating oil is the lifeblood of any system. This humble yet fundamental fluid can make or break a system so it needs to be reliable – every time.

With element.ac, we started from the ground up, developing an outstanding range of oils that you can use with confidence.

Drawing on decades of experience in HVAC&R, we worked with the best
in the industry to deliver this new range that suits every application.

With element.ac you get a complete range of premium HVAC&R lubricants that offer precision performance, all under one brand.

element.ac PAG oil is a premium synthetic lubricant primarily designed for automotive air conditioning systems.
Premium mineral oil lubricant for all vacuum pump applications, including oil separators and reservoirs.
Ideal for A/C system components such as flares, flanges, o-rings, seals and composite assemblies – in a convenient spray can.
Advanced POE lubricant with special additives for semi-hermetic and hermetic electric compressors used in electric and hybrid vehicles.
element.ac POE oil is a premium synthetic lubricant for HPF, CFC and HCFC refrigerant applications.
This fully synthetic lubricant is commonly used in a range of automotive and industrial applications.

Designed from the ground up.

It’s the fundamentals that matter, and to fully appreciate element.ac oil, you need to appreciate why we developed it.

We wanted something that addressed the shortcomings we had lived with for years – something we could use with confidence. Our wishlist for a new oil was simple: our oil had to meet or exceed the highest industry specs, be cost effective, reliable, easy to handle, better for our customers and better for the environment.

element.ac has been developed by industry, for industry – and we believe we’ve got the fundamentals right.


OEM Approved

Use with confidence: meets OEM specifications. Approved by Unicla & Burgaflex


Developed by HVAC&R experts to deliver premium performance and reliability


Replaces multiple brands

One brand for all viscosities and grades: Synthetic POE, PAG, PAO, Mineral and Assembly

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