Reliable, accurate temperature monitoring and tracking is a competitive necessity for anyone in the business of transporting and storing foods, pharmaceuticals, flowers, animals, electronics, chemicals and any other temperature sensitive product.

Cold Chain Process

Helping to power global transport for McDonald’s, Aldi and FedEx, the Euroscan system accurately monitors product temperature throughout the entire cold chain journey.

Reliable and easy to use, the Euroscan system keeps track of up to six refrigerated compartments, providing data points every second. An instant printed temperature report is created for each critical control point, offering data transparency for anyone transporting and storing temperature-sensitive products.

Euroscan technology prepares any refrigerated fleet – whether a single vehicle or a hundred trucks, trailers and cold rooms – to meet stringent HACCP food safety accreditation standards that are designed to ensure food quality and integrity is maintained from the point of origin to the customer’s shopping basket.

Among the important aspects of food quality under HACCP, the primary focus is on temperature. The goal is to ensure food or any temperature-critical product is delivered safely and in peak condition.

Euroscan has worldwide coverage with its integrated systems monitoring cold chain and reefer performance in stationary and mobile refrigeration on every continent:

  • The transport of almost two-thirds of McDonalds foodstuffs globally relies on Euroscan technology
  • Euroscan temperature recording monitors critical pharmaceutical deliveries for international couriers DHL and FedEx
  • US railway giant Union Pacific trusts Euroscan temperature recording and reporting technology for all refrigerated railcar applications
  • Euroscan is a market leader in monitoring the pharmaceutical supply chain for major European logistics companies such as Schmechel, Scherübl, ThermoMed and Transmed
  • German supermarket giant ALDI uses Euroscan temperature monitoring systems for its entire European logistics network.

Part of the SuperCool Group, Euroscan Asia Pacific is an Australian company specialising in transport refrigeration. It has the vital engineering and research team to provide comprehensive technical support and installation infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region.

Made in Germany, Euroscan equipment is renowned for durability and advanced design.

The entry-level Euroscan recorder keeps track of up to six compartments – air or product temperatures – and a digital signal for either a door switch or door lock. It is supplied standard with a digital screen for continuous, second-by-second temperature monitoring and a thermal printer to instantly provide trip/temperature reports at each CCP (critical control point).

From there the possibilities are almost endless, with the full Cold Chain Solution providing sophisticated capabilities for fleet managers to securely monitor the entire cargo area, prime mover, location, speed, routing and much more besides.

The system can be connected to any make or model of refrigeration unit – such as Carrier Transicold, Thermo King and Mitsubishi – to provide advanced two-way control. It can also be used to remotely monitor and operate field cold rooms.

Data generated by the Euroscan system can be shared with third party providers, with full integration into existing office management systems via XML or API.

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