SuperTest Testing Facilities

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Energy Efficiency Testing

MEPS and GEMS Check testing

We help you comply with the GEMS Act and maximise the energy efficiency of your products, so you can display your energy rating stickers with pride. Get peace of mind with rigorous scientific test procedures carried out in our newest chamber, designed to meet ISO standards for refrigerated cabinet testing following NATA accredited procedures. 

Very soon, clients will also be able to utilise the SuperTest facility to test commercial ice machines and hot water heat pumps, as we approach the final phases of certification.

Mobile and Stationary HVAC&R Equipment Testing

Testing for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment

Analyse the interactions between different components of your refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment. Connect different components and review the data so you can make informed design choices.

Compressor Performance and Capacity Testing

Before you spec a compressor into your design, put it through its paces to make sure you’re getting optimum efficiency. We can test all types of compressors used in transport air conditioning and refrigeration systems, reporting on efficiency.

Refrigerant Testing Including Blends and Low GWP

Use our instruments and controlled ambient environment to conduct performance and capacity testing of refrigerants including R134a, R404a, R407 and R1234yf. Test how a refrigerant performs under different conditions.

Prototype and Pre-Production Testing

Pre-production testing measures the effects of simulated conditions on compressors and other components in refrigerated trailers and similar equipment. We’ll take you through the data and make sure every part is performing at its best.

K-Coefficient / Thermal Conductivity Testing

Test to Australian Standards such as AS4982 Thermal performance of refrigerated transport equipment – Specification and testing. Reveal heat leakage patterns in your vehicles and get recommendations on how to keep your products consistently cooler for longer.

Food, Packaging and Cold Chain Testing

Food Microbiology Testing

Program a steady state environment from 5°C up to 50°C to accurately simulate the effect of temperature and humidity on your products. Monitor microbial growth and get advice on how to keep your products as fresh as possible throughout the cold chain.

Cold Chain Process Simulations

Use our purpose-built large test chamber and cold room to simulate and refine your cold chain processes, including multiple door openings, different delivery intervals and real-world journey mapping. We can help you pinpoint where temperature abuse is occurring and put procedures in place to heavily reduce waste.

Airflow Measurement

Measure the airflow in fully loaded truck bodies and trailers to determine how effective your refrigeration unit is. Tweak a range of parameters to determine the optimum refrigeration unit settings to meet your cold chain process requirements.

Food and Packaging Testing for the Cold Chain Sector

Measure the thermal conductivity of food products to determine their ability to maintain temperature in the cold chain under a variety of conditions. See how different packaging, wrapping and stacking configurations within the refrigerated trailer affect product temperature.

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