Our Story

SuperCool Group of Companies has been in operation since 1981 and today engages in the sourcing, supply and manufacture of products to the mobile, industrial and commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, plus the provision of best-practice consultancy services and solutions to these sectors.

Among SuperCool’s products and services are HVACR testing, validation and certification, compressor design and manufacture, temperature monitoring and remote management solutions for the cold chain and cold storage industry, HVACR service consumables, and industrial flexible lines and connections.

The company’s early history goes back to the era when motor vehicles did not have air-conditioning fitted as standard, and all the components had to be made and fabricated independently. Eventually, the Unicla brand of systems and components became synonymous with the SuperCool name, culminating in the eventual purchase of Unicla by SuperCool in partnership with Peter Yee and his Hong Kong based IAEL Engineering Group in 2005.

As a follow-on effect, SuperCool established joint-venture partnerships with the Burgaflex and Euroscan brands in Asia-Pacific, and built one of the largest, most advanced HVACR testing centres in the Southern Hemisphere.

Though all of this, SuperCool has maintained long-term exclusive distribution agreements with brands in its portfolio such as Refrigeration Technologies and others.

SuperCool Group’s knowledge and experience, built over its long history of expertise in air-conditioning and refrigeration, is used to improve industry standards for the benefit of people and the environment.