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The electric compressor.

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An overnight success.

55 years in the making.

At Unicla, to be of service to industry is at the core of our reason for being.

For over half a century Unicla has engineered solutions that make life easier. We have honed our skill in design, research, development, engineering, and manufacturing, to give you the best possible products in their class.

A high level of engineering and superb manufacturing quality has made our revolutionary swashplate technology highly regarded around the world.

Building on our enviable engineering and manufacturing foundation, the new Unicla eDrive electric compressor platform has a rich pedigree and provides solutions you never thought possible.

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Unconventional engineering for exceptional performance, reliability and efficiency.

Greater than the sum of its parts.

Our bespoke electric drive motor has been designed and built from the ground up specifically for the eDrive project.

By keeping the motor and windings separate to the refrigerant circuit, we have achieved the holy grail of performance, reliability and efficiency. The patented motor cooling jacket has been hailed as a thermal work of art.

With 55 years of engineering rigour and millions of hours of punishing field service behind us, the eDrive swashplate compressor is simply the best there is.

By reimagining how sub-components play together we have produced a machine like no other, that is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

Unicla eDrive – the electric compressor.

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48Vdc, 72Vdc, 400Vdc, 600Vdc
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R134a, R404a, R513a, R452a, R1234yf, R1234yz
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Cooling Capacity
3 to 14 kW

Part evolution, part revolution.

Imagine a world where technology and information come together to solve problems and save time.

Imagine the power of on-board intelligence that can monitor and data log, providing software-driven real-time decision making, and historical archiving of events.

Imagine optimised compressor performance under all conditions – safely, efficiently and reliably.

Imagine being able to
communicate with the machine.

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A two-way conversation. At last.

Harness the true power of eDrive with eConnect. The interface between man and machine.

Unicla eConnect allows you access to every eDrive in your fleet, either remotely or on-site. Designed for technicians, the interface shows graphical data for all key parameters for fast interpretation and assessment. It provides peace of mind at a glance, with the confidence to problem solve historical events after the fact.

Unicla eConnect – no guesswork, just hard data.

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Industry-standard communication protocols supported by every eDrive compressor including CAN bus, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and Analogue/Digital data.

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Access to every eDrive in your fleet via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, either remotely or on-site

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Interface shows graphical data sets for all key parameters, allowing fast data interpretation, or diagnostic assessment of comprehensive historical data sets.

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A wealth of data and information can be monitored through eConnect, arming you with the eDrive insight you need.

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A comprehensive and customisable interface, designed for technicians.

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Complete and seamless integration with the eDrive compressor via smart logic provides powerful and flexible capabilities never thought possible.

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Gain insight in an instant.
Knowledge is power.

Customisable monitoring of:

  • Individual Data Plots
  • Combined Data Plots
  • Historical Event Logs
  • Device Status
  • Suction Pressure
  • Discharge Pressure
  • Suction Superheat
  • Discharge Superheat
  • Vapour Temperature
  • Compressor Supply Voltage
  • Compressor Speed & Power
  • Switch Temperature
  • Motor Temperature & Torque
  • Motor Fan Speed & Power
  • Thermostat Demand
  • Anti Short-Cycle Timer
  • Safety Limit Range
  • Fault Control
  • Manual Control
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A powerful choice. It’s yours to make.

The Unicla eDrive compressor family offers a range of capacities, voltages, cylinder head configurations, refrigerant compatibility, and supports a variety of oil types.

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