The original Unicla A and B Series Open Drive compressors have been impressing system integrators, engineers and technicians for decades.

Delivering extremely quiet and smooth operation with unbeatable volumetric efficiency, they are renowned for being robust, reliable and adaptable. oDrive models are available in 10 and 14-cylinder swashplate designs spanning a capacity range from 45 to 675 cc.

Unicla’s Generation II Hydraulic Drive compressor assemblies offer a complete, compact and easy-to-fit solution for every heavy equipment asset problem. The compressor, drive coupling, housing, and hydraulic motor with flow control solenoid come pre-assembled and ready to install, vastly reducing the time spent on hydraulic connections.

Unicla eDrive compressors are ideal for mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration applications where electricity supply is the primary source of power, such as rail, mining, electric bus and industrial applications. Like all Unicla compressors, the eDrive is precision engineered for smooth, quiet operation and high volumetric efficiency.

As the world moves rapidly towards digitalisation, Unicla is at the forefront of developing the right technology to help technicians work safely and efficiently. Software such as our new eConnect platform provides a two-way conversation so you can access every eDrive compressor in your fleet, either remotely or on-site.

Unicla series IV oil separators have new and improved design features including increased overall diameters for larger hose fittings and enhanced dispersion material for better oil separation. Recommended for systems
where the oil return to the compressor is potentially lower than it should be or the system has adverse design conditions.

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