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The best Hydraulic Drive just got better.

Gen II Hydraulic Drive compressor family.

Look no further.

At Unicla, problem solving is in our DNA. Since the 1960’s, we’ve been engineering
real-world solutions for real-world problems. Our Generation II Hydraulic Drive compressor
family offers a plug-and-play solution for every heavy-equipment asset AC problem.
It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Engineered for freedom.

Universal... in any universe.

The Unicla UPH Hydraulic Drive compressors are designed for universal application and freedom of installation. The range can be driven by any 11-15cc hydraulic motor with a standard SAE twin-bolt, A-type mounting configuration, and 5/8″ nine-spline shaft.

Featuring four sturdy mounting points integral to the coupler housing, the hydraulic drive compressor assembly allows engineers and technicians the flexibility to locate the unit almost anywhere. The range offers multi-refrigerant compatibility including R134a, R404A, R452A, R1234yf and R513A refrigerants, and boasts three compressor displacement options – 145, 172 and 200cc. Further freedom is achieved through the choice of Vertical or Horizontal #8/#10 O-ring rear cylinder heads.

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Greater than the sum of its parts.

The package that packs a punch.

With the enviable power to provide full compressor output while your asset is idling,
the Generation II Hydraulic Drive compressor assemblies offer a complete, compact
and easy-to-fit solution. The Unicla compressor, drive coupling, housing, and hydraulic
motor come pre-assembled and ready to install. The rear cylinder head on all
models features low and high-side service ports, and a high-pressure relief valve.
The compressor body includes a 7/16″ UNF male flare oil return port, and the
hydraulic motor includes both 12V and 24V DC On/Off solenoids with 2-pin female
Deutsch plug, and a 2-pin male Deutsch plug with 1 metre of pre-wired harness.

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