Viper Nylog Blue

Viper Nylog Blue

Part Number: RT201B

Viper Nylog Blue is viscoelastic liquid derived from synthetic refrigeration oil, a non-hardening, non-drying fluid which bonds tenaciously onto many different substrates. Nylog Blue is completely miscible and compatible with virtually all refrigerants – including HFC, HFO and CO2 – that contain POE or PVE oil and base compressor oils. The product will not cause any system restrictions, fouling or failure. Nylog is used by OEMs and industry professionals worldwide.

Thread connections, gaskets, flare fittings, tapered pipes, compression fittings, saddle taps, O-rings or as an assembly lubricant

  1. Apply Nylog Blue to gaskets, threads, or use as an assembly lube.
  2. Tighten connections
  • Nylog Blue is approved for use only on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, nothing else. Nylog White (RT201W) is suitable for oxygen gas, air, water or natural gas lines
  • If you wanted only one Nylog bottle in your HVACR toolkit, the most universally suitable is Nylog Blue. Being POE based, it is compatible with all refrigerants and oils
  • Nylog is OEM approved by multiple HVACR system manufacturers

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