Microleak Detector
The Original Big Blu leak detector is used by OEM’s and industry professionals worldwide.

Expanding Foam Degreaser
Viper is a potent degreasing compound that does not contain any hazardous ingredients or give off toxic fumes.

Coil Brightener
Nothing cleans or foams better than Viper Brite. A highly aggressive non-acid alcaline coil brightner and cleaner.

Evap Cleaner & Deodorizer
The industry’s only non-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner using enzymes in a high performing detergent base.

Multi-Use Wipes
Viper Wipes are ultra-strong dual textured waterless hand towels that will clean almost anything.

Heat Blocking Putty
This reusable heat blocking putty keeps piping and sensitive components cooler than traditional wet rag application during brazing, soldering, or welding.

Foam Gun
Half Gallon Container with quick disconnects that attach to any garden hose using ordinary water pressure.

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