Viper Big Blu leak detector is used by OEM’s and industry professionals worldwide. This is the only bubble solution capable of detecting gas leakage down to 18.5 grams per year. Suitable for use on any gas including Oxygen, it’s food-safe, technician safe and non-corrosive.
Nylog Red and Nylog Blue are elastic fluids made from synthetic refrigeration-grade compressor oil. Gaskets coated with Nylog will never dry or become heat fixed to the surface. Nylog can be used as an assembly lube when installing shaft seals, o-rings, Schrader valves, ball valves, and more.
Viper Coil Cleaner is a potent degreasing compound that does not contain any hazardous ingredients or give off toxic fumes. Use it to clean kitchen equipment, condenser and evaporator coils – and there’s no need to rinse the evaporator! Viper Heavy Duty is a concentrated version of the aerosol spray, and Venom Pack Condenser Cleaner is a high-foaming pure concentrate liquid designed to tackle the toughest grease and grime.
Nothing cleans or foams better than Viper Brite and Venom Pack Brightener! These aggressive non-acid, alkaline coil brighteners are recommended for use on heavily soiled coils that haven’t been cleaned in years. The foaming power pushes debris out of deeply impacted coils, restoring the metal to a ‘like new’ shine.
Clean and deodorise with Viper Evap+ and Venom Pack Evaporator Cleaner – the industry’s only non-rinsing evaporator coil cleaners using enzymes in a high-performing detergent base. This 2 in 1 product eliminates the need for a separate cleaner and treatment, saving you time and money.
Prevent drain blockages with Viper Pan and Drain Treatment, a unique gel that contains detergents, enzymes, and silicone. The silicone coats the pan, p-trap, and drain piping, lubricating to improve flow and prevent the build-up of grime and sludge.
Viper Coil Coating is a permanent epoxy resin suitable for OEM’S and coil manufacturers. Bonding to all metal surfaces, Viper Coil Coating withstands is the toughest and longest-lasting coating you will ever use, able to protect coils, heat exchangers, fins and other metal surfaces from salt water and many other chemically corrosive environments that face industries such as maritime and mining.
Viper Ice Machine cleaner is formulated with an advanced blend of organic acids that will remove more scale fast. It is a stronger acidic cleaner and is lower in toxicity, non-fuming, less corrosive and environmentally preferred over traditional phosphate-based chemicals.
Your go-to cleaner for just about anything, this product washes away bacteria, stubborn soils, and heavily embedded cooking greases. Use it in the workshop, in the field, or at home. Non-toxic, eco-friendly and NSF-approved for use on food equipment, it’s safe for all metals including aluminium.
Clean up safely with Viper Wipes, hand sanitiser and disinfectant. Viper Wipes are a technician’s favourite, effectively removing dirt, grease, oil, grime, tar, mastic, caulking and more – with no rinsing required. Viper hand sanitizer and disinfectant help clean hands and food contact surfaces to remove viruses and bacteria.

Block heat with reusable WetRag™ Heat Blocking Putty and Spray on Heat Blocking Gel. Prevent fire or heat damage when using an open flame around wood, plaster, fabric and other components, or for brazing and welding applications use WetRag™: a putty made from the same materials found in the heat shield of the space shuttle! Viper Silicone Grease also provides a heat-dissipating and heat sink compound ideal for lubricating electric devices, terminals and connectors.

Make cleaning easy with Viper Foam Guns and Pump Sprayers. With the foam gun, no mixing or pre-dilution is needed, simply connect the gun to any garden hose, choose a dilution ratio, aim, and fire. The pump sprayer is a more compact version featuring a 2-in-1 foam and jet spray nozzle that’s ideal for pinpointing areas or cleaning large surfaces.

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