Viper Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner

Viper Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner

Part Number: RT500G | RT500N

Viper Nickel Safe is a blend of proprietary organic acids that remove more scale faster than traditional low-tech phosphoric acid cleaners, without damaging surfaces. Viper Nickel Safe is biodegradable, odourless, non-fuming, and much lower in toxicity and more water soluble than phosphoric acid, meaning an easier and more complete rinse. No wonder world health authorities and leading OEMs such as Manitowoc™ recommend Viper Nickel Safe!

Ice machines with nickel plated or stainless steel evaporators

  1. Remove ice from ice storage bin.
  2. Switch ice machine into cleaning mode.
  3. Nickel plated evaporators: Slowly add 230ml of Viper Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner to the water trough for every 110 kg – 140 kg of ice production per 24 hours (or 230ml per 1L of trough capacity). Stainless steel evaporators: Use double (2x) the amount of Viper Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner.
  4. Circulate for 10 – 30 minutes depending on the amount of scale present. If necessary, use a brush to attack heavily scaled areas.
  5. Discard spent water and rinse the machine using potable water 3 times.
  6. Switch the machine back to ice production mode.
  • Before Viper Nickel Safe was invented, ice machine cleaners were nothing more than low-tech phosphoric acid
  • Viper Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner removes scale 75% faster than generic citrus or phosphoric-based cleaners, yet is food industry compliant (NSF certified)
  • This product was originally developed for a globally recognised ice machine manufacturer

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