Viper Foam Gun

Viper Foam Gun

Part Number: RT300S

The Viper Foam Gun is the easiest and most cost-effective way to clean radiators, plate heat exchangers, mechanical equipment and hardware, coils and other HVACR equipment. The foam injection method covers the surface of the coil much faster and increases contact time over conventional pressure sprayers. There’s no heavy equipment to carry and no need to pre-dilute, just plug the Viper Foam Gun into any garden hose connection, dial in the dilution ratio, aim and activate the trigger.

Apply Viper Heavy Duty (RT390G), Viper Condenser Cleaner (RT330V), Viper Brite (RT300G) or Viper Brightener Cleaner (RT310V) through the Viper Foam Gun for better coverage and contact time.

Fill the container with solution, dial in the desired dilution ratio and start injecting foam into the coil body.

  1. The Viper Foam Gun will cover the surface of a coil much faster, and in a more efficient way, than a pressure sprayer – and you don’t have to stop and refill as often
  2. There are five different dilution ratios to choose from: A = 80:1, B = 40:1, C = 20:1, D = 10:1, E = 5:1, O = water (chemical siphoning disabled)
  3. To clean a refrigerated vehicle’s cargo area, cold room or AHU room, don’t use Viper Brite or Viper Brightener Cleaner, instead use Viper Heavy Duty (RT390G) on a light B or C ratio setting or Viper Condenser Cleaner (RT330V) on a light B or C ratio setting, followed by a thorough rinse

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