Viper Coil Coating

Viper Coil Coating

Part Number: RT640A

Viper Coil Coating is the same formulation as supplied to OEMs and custom heat exchanger manufacturers. It is the toughest and longest-lasting coating you will ever use, able to protect coils, heat exchangers, fins and other metal surfaces from salt water and many other chemically corrosive environments that face industries such as maritime and mining. The solvent-borne clear coating meets all State and Federal VOC regulations, bonds to all metal surfaces and withstands continuous temperatures to 205°C.

HVACR condensers, HVACR evaporators, radiators, intercoolers, EV thermal management heat exchangers, all bare metals

  1. Always wear protective gloves, goggles and clothing. Use in well ventilated areas and when ambient temperatures are above 10°C and below 32°C.
  2. Before applying Viper Coil Coating, clean coil with Viper Brite (Part # RT300G) to remove all surface oxidation.
  3. Rinse and allow surface to dry.
  4. Hold can approx. 50 mm away, apply a single coat to the front and back of the coil and all metal parts. Coat all surrounding metal for extra protection.
  5. Wait 30 – 60 minutes for the product to dry. A full cure may take longer depending on weather conditions.
  • Viper Coil Coating’s 92% product to 8% propellant ratio is high compared with competitors and provides greater surface coverage. Typically, one can of Viper Coil Coating will service the entire coil surface area of a 30kW condensing unit
  • The aerosol injector’s flat vertical spray pattern reaches deep into the coil body and heat transfer loss is less than 0.15% when used as directed
  • Because Viper Coil Coating’s is solvent based, not water based, it will bond to base metals that are not entirely free of corrosion or oxidation with a fast drying time and no softening or blistering of the coating will occur during application

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