Viper Brite

Viper Brite

Part Number: RT300G

Nothing cleans or foams better than Viper Brite. This highly aggressive non-acid, alkaline coil brightener is recommended for use on heavily soiled coils that have not been cleaned in years. A 10:1 dilution will provide abundant amounts of foaming power that will push debris out of deeply impacted coils. The alkaline effect strips hard oxidation from aluminum fins to restore the coil to a bright metallic shine. Please respect the power of this chemical and always wear full protective gear.

Viper Brite is best applied through the Viper Foam Gun. The technology is enhanced by the foam created through the gun. Other spray applicators can be used but require a pre-dilution, so the application will not be as efficient. Viper Brite must be thoroughly rinsed. Any chemical left on the coil can damage the coil fins.

  1. Turn off or disconnect all power.
  2. Always wear protective gloves, goggles, and clothing. Use in well ventilated areas. Not recommended for indoor coil use.
  3. Use a foam gun or pump sprayer to fully saturate coil with fluid.
  4. Wait 5-10 minutes. Foam will generate and loosen dirt, grease, grime, and hard oxidation.
  5. Rinse with plenty of water
  6. In food processing areas: Remove or protect all food and packaging materials. Rinse with potable water after use if contact with food or packaging materials is expected
  7. All Done!

Dilution Ratios:

10:1 for Heavy Duty
15:1 for Medium Duty
20:1 for Light Duty

Unlike competing alkaline coil cleaners, Viper Brite is registered for use in food processing areas and is biodegradable. It is a non-acid coil cleaner and can be disposed of without having a negative effect on the environment.

  • Using the Viper Foam Gun, just dial in the desired dilution ratio – no chemical or time is wasted.
  • Viper Brite performs when self-diluted and applied through a pressure pack, but never exceed a dilution ratio less than 2 parts water: 1 part Brite.
  • When cleaning a larger coil contaminated with internal oxidisation and hard carbon deposits, remove the surrounding flange to access the top of the coil. Dilute Viper Brite 3:1 and pour down the middle of the coil and let gravity do its work. It will take time for the chemical to react with the oxidisation and organic contaminants. Once it does, let the foam do its thing by blistering and lifting, pushing the gunk out via the foam expansion. Once the foam starts to liquefy, thoroughly rinse. Repeat the process until the coil is contaminant free.
  • Viper Brite and Viper Heavy Duty will clean coils equally well, especially coils full of organic contaminants like mould, dirt and natural fats such as cooking grease. But if the coil is greater than 150mm wide, heavily contaminated with oxidisation and hardened carbon deposits, and you want the coil to shine, that’s when Viper Brite is used. Only Brite will bring the coil back to its original shine, due to its alkaline base. And it helps for those before and after pics.
  • Acids should never be used to clean coils. They attack aluminium and copper and destroy the bond between the aluminium fin and copper tubing, resulting in loss of heat transfer. Acids are inherently more dangerous than alkaline solutions. Acids burn skin instantly. Acids do not remove grease, fats and oils as effectively as alkaline products. Acids should be used only to remove calcium, lime or scale from water circulating systems.
  • Soap is manufactured by reacting sodium hydroxide with fats and oils. This process is called saponification, so Viper Brite removes fats, oils and grease by turning them into simple soap. Detergents (soaps) by their nature are made from fats, oils, grease, even petroleum products (by saponification). Detergents are bipolar molecules – one side is a fat (hydrocarbon) the other side is water-loving and dissolves in water. So when a detergent comes into contact with grease, the grease sides of the molecule bond together and the water-loving side pulls the grease into the water. This is called emulsification. Whenever a grease is emulsified is looks milky white.

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