Viper Big Blu

Viper Big Blu

Part Number: RT100S | RT100G | RT100D

The Big Blu range of bubble leak detectors is used by OEMs and industry professionals worldwide. These strong, persistent film forming liquids are the only bubble/foam indicators capable of detecting micro gas leakage as small as 18.5 grams per year. Big Blu is certified for use on any grade of gas, including hospital-grade oxygen. Big Blu is food industry compliant (NSF certified), biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amines, or ammonium compounds.

HVACR systems, brake lines, pneumatic systems, gas lines and systems, fuel lines, refrigerant-based EV thermal management systems, fire suppression systems, hydraulic circuits

  1. Coat all surfaces with a flat liquid free of bubbles or foam. Focus on threaded connections, joints and valves. For more information, refer to our leak detection manual.
  2. Bubbles will form instantly for most leaks, while micro leaks will develop foam cocoons or tiny bubble clusters over 5-30 minutes.
  3. Place equipment back into operation and check for vibration leaks.
  4. Wipe surfaces (or rinse if water is available).
  • Big Blu works in a temperature range of +1.7°C to +80°C. The only products that can detect leaks in temperatures lower than +1.7°C are Big Blu Brush On (-18°C to +95°C) and Big Blu Subzero (-34°C to +95°C) and they can be used while the system is running
  • Oxygen safe: Unlike some competitors, Big Blu contains NO glycerine or other hydrocarbons that react with oxygen gas to produce heat, a very dangerous and possibly explosive situation
  • If you have children who like making bubbles, throw some Big Blu in the bubble gun and stand back for the world’s biggest bubbles. It’s just as safe as dishwashing detergent

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