Viper All-Purpose Cleaner Venom Pack

Viper All-Purpose Cleaner Venom Pack

Part Number: RT340V

Effortlessly effective on everyday dirty surfaces, Viper All-Purpose Cleaner is up to 24 litres of hybrid aqueous detergent crammed into a tough, space-saving and easily portable soft pack for ultimate convenience, with the added benefit of a no-mess easy pour cap.

Using the most advanced cleaning technology available, Viper All-Purpose Cleaner easily washes away bacteria, stubborn soils and heavily embedded cooking greases. The broad-spectrum formulation is non-flammable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, produces no odour, contains no allergenic composites and is food industry compliant (NSF certified).

Use Viper All-Purpose Cleaner in the workshop, in the field or at home for maximum soil and grease removal from most any type of surface. Safe for all plastics, rubbers and metals including aluminium.

  1. Add the desired amount of pure concentrate into the Viper Pump Pressure Sprayer (RT301S).
  2. Fill the container with potable water to the maximum fill level.
  3. Spray cleaner onto the surface.
  4. Wait 5 minutes to allow cleaner to loosen dirt, grease and grime.
  5. Scrub for 20 seconds and rinse thoroughly with clean potable water.
  6. Wipe clean with rag or towel.
  • Viper All-Purpose Cleaner is your go-to cleaner for just about anything, designed to be safe for the user and fully compliant with all environmental directives
  • Each pure concentrate Venom Pack of Viper All-Purpose Cleaner can make up to 24 litres of advanced cleaning power

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