UM200 | UMF200

  • Unicla 10-cylinder swashplate
  • Suitable for applications with a system capacity requirement of 6-11 kW
  • Displacement: 200 cc/rev
  • Maximum continuous: 6000 rpm
  • Smooth and quiet operation with excellent performance through all rev ranges
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation with no change in volumetric efficiency
  • Heavy duty impressed steel gasket and HNBR Japanese high-temperature O-ring (two-point seal)
  • Forged steel cylinder housing
  • Drop-forged 5050 aluminium pistons with synthetic PTFE heat-treated rings
  • Lip seal with high tolerance to heat and operational fatigue
  • Genuine NSK bearings throughout
80 Um200 Fn8
R134a | R513a refrigerant
Compressor Oil Mounting
UM200 PAG56 (180 ml) TM/QP21 compatible
R404a | R452a refrigerant
Compressor Oil Mounting
UMF200 POE32 (180 ml) TM/QP21 compatible
R1234yf refrigerant
Compressor Oil Mounting
UMY200 PAG46 HD (180ml) TM/QP21 compatible

The UM and UMF model compressors feature a new mounting configuration of four conventional bolt-through mounting points that have been narrowed to 92 mm at the top and 87 mm at the bottom. They are directly compatible with TM21 and QP21 compressors.

High-pressure relief valve fitted, service valves not fitted.

An oil return fitting – 7/16-20 UNF male flare (Part No. 42203-000160) – is fitted on top of the compressor. It has a unique flow design suited to the Unicla oil separator (Part No. OS000010) and is interchangeable with the low-side service valve.

Consistent M12 x 1.0 mm access port size. Easy interchange of blanking plugs, service valves, oil return and pressure switch fittings.

Type 125 135 145 152 12V 24V

Pulley measurements are in millimetres

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