Learn Important Design Concepts in Efficient, High-Performance Cooling Systems at iVT

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SuperCool Presenting & Exhibiting at International Electric Vehicle Expo

Germany’s iVT Expo showcases the latest components and technologies from leading international suppliers in the electric vehicle space. Focusing specifically on engineers and designers of industrial vehicles, this compact and targeted expo showcases the components, services and technologies that go into making the next generation of industrial vehicles and improving manufacturing and testing processes.

This niche expo falls squarely into our area of expertise, namely getting optimum efficiency and performance from cooling systems installed in electric vehicles. 

The Role of HVAC&R Systems in EVs

Representing SuperCoolUnicla and Burgaflex is Mark Mitchell who will be both presenting and exhibiting at this show. Mark is focusing on providing useful, practical information for those involved in the critical roles of developing cooling systems in modern machinery, for both EV and diesel engine applications.

“Mobile cooling of cabins, cargo areas, batteries and EV systems represents a significant percentage of the energy consumed in modern vehicles and machinery,” says Mark. 

“This impacts the overall carbon footprint of any vehicle or machine. My presentation will examine the HVAC&R systems needed to undertake these tasks and examine them from a refrigerant flow perspective, with an emphasis on their implications for cabin design, and operator safety and comfort.”

Mark adds that the choice of refrigerant and how it is used can have a significant impact on the environmental and human safety outcomes when these systems are operated. Specific attention will be given to techniques to reduce leakage, improve performance and increase the life cycles of complete HVAC&R systems. 

What Delegates Will Learn

“I’ve always taken the approach that innovation and new technology delivered at events such as IVT should be immediately and easily accessible to delegates,” notes Mark. 

“They should be able to “learn on Sunday” and “use it on Monday!”

With this in mind, Mark has prepared some practical and actionable information including:

  • Tips on how to design and set up an efficient refrigeration circuit 
  • Techniques to achieve low refrigerant gas leakage in high-performance systems
  • Design parameters to ensure adequate flow of refrigerant in systems to enhance performance and the life cycles of equipment
  • Implementing specific design and system installation parameters to ensure adequate flow of lubricants in systems
  • Control of thermal parameters, pressure, and temperature in modern compressors for large electric vehicles and machinery

In addition, our booth will have on display the latest in HVAC&R system technology to help designers achieve demanding efficiency goals. 

Visit us to explore the Unicla eDrive electric compressors, the Burgaflex range of reliable, quick-fit and low-waste hose and fitting systems, and other technologies from the SuperCool stable of smart, sustainable products and services. 

Located at booth 4026, our products and expertise will be on show from June 28 – 29 at Köln Messe, Cologne. To register, visit the iVT Expo website.

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