Burgaflex is your one-stop shop for air-conditioning and refrigeration grade hoses, fittings, pipes, tubing, brake lines and air lines, all manufactured in Europe to stringent industry standards by a company with years of experience and testing.

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Introduction to Burgaflex

Remanufacturing OE hoses using BURGACLIP®

The 4-step BURGACLIP® process

Burgaflex is your one-stop shop for air-conditioning and refrigeration grade hoses, fittings, pipes, tubing, brake lines and air lines, all manufactured in Europe to stringent industry standards by a company with years of experience and testing.


Distributed by Burgaflex Asia Pacific, BURGACLIP® is the world’s quickest to assemble, most reliable, durable and extensive refrigerant flexible hose-fitting system for mobile and stationary air-conditioning and transport and stationary refrigeration applications.

BURGACLIP® is a revolutionary timesaving and foolproof innovation that is also better for the environment because the coupling integrity of the 3090 MultiCool reduced barrier hose and BURGACLIP® fitting reduces refrigerant permeation by 75 per cent compared with other hose assembly solutions.

To insert the BURGACLIP® fitting and complete the crimp takes on average just 30 seconds and is designed to enable the fitting to rotate for correct orientation without compromising sealing.


BURGACLIP® fittings can also be disassembled and re-used without the need for replacement O-rings in less than two minutes – and you can be certain of the fitting’s continued integrity after assembly and crimping.

Superior quality

Burgaflex fittings are manufactured from high-grade European steel with an electro-plated cadmium finish and our unique, engineered 3090 series hose is manufactured in a joint venture with Continental.

Our MultiCool hose meets SAE Type C Class I certification and features a seamless EPDM inner tube that is covered with nylon barrier and reinforced with a PET spiral. It also has a perforated weather and ozone resistant rubber cover. These features enable the hose to offer low volumetric expansion, dimensional stability and enhanced flexibility.

It is specifically designed for R134a, R407c, R404a, R410a, R1234yf, R1234yz and R452a refrigerants, as well as all common oils including PAG, POE and mineral. The 3090 series is also compatible with R22.


Nobody knows air-conditioning hoses and fittings better than the team at Burgaflex.

Burgaflex Asia Pacific carries local stock of the full BURGACLIP® suite at its Australian warehouse and the entire European-made range of Burgaflex hoses, fittings, pipes, tubing, brake lines and air lines is available by request.

SuperCool Group is part-owner of Burgaflex Asia Pacific, which is part of the global Burgaflex Group that supplies a comprehensive range of hoses, tubing, fittings and assemblies to the following OEMs across numerous market sectors:


Case New Holland
John Deere
Massey Ferguson

Bus and Coach:
Scania Van Hool VDL Bus & Coach

Aston Martin

Transport refrigeration:
Carrier Transicold
Cold Queen

System integrators:


SNCF (French Railway)

Renault military


With its industry leading low melting temperature and special flux core, BurgaBRAZE is the ultimate aluminium brazing rod.

Compatible with MAPP gas, propane, butane and oxy-acetylene, BurgaBRAZE rods have a non-corrosive self-fluxing core containing a special additive called Atmosin that ‘activates’ the flow of flux and enables the alloy to move freely.

BurgaBRAZE is suitable for most grades of alloy, joins aluminium to stainless steel and once cooled, can be machined, drilled, tapped, threaded, plated or even bent without causing pinholes or porosity.

Tailored solutions

Require a custom configuration or are an OEM in need of a tailored solution? Call us: +61 7 55 494 022 or email [email protected]

Burgaflex product booklet


“We have been using Burgaflex hoses and fittings for few years now, having installed these on mining drills, dozers and haul trucks. These assemblies have proved very reliable and offer some unique advantages such as:

  • Availability of a wide range of hoses and fittings to suit most application for HVAC systems
  • Easy to install on-site using the Burgaclip system
  • Simple and inexpensive hand tooling to install the Burgaclip system”

Sanjay Kapur, Technical Manager (MID)
Sigma Air Conditioning

"We started to use Burgaflex because we were experiencing a lot of hose failures with another manufacturer. As a company that relies on its quality of work and ‘do it once’ attitude this was costing us more than the repairs’ money value. This was about 6-7 years ago – since then we have changed all our hose and fittings in all the work vehicles to Burgaflex and our field service guys love the easy construction and reliability of Burgaflex hose and Burgaclip fittings.

During those years we have re-hosed and manufactured all sorts of machinery and vehicles from trucks cars and limousine to timber harvesters, bulldozers and everything in between, with great results and excellent reliability."

Darrel Hursey
Managing Director and owner at Tumut Auto Electrics

We have been using Burgaflex hose and fittings for several years now. We were looking for a more reliable hose and fitting combination than our current ferrule/bubble crimping system option, especially in the #8 size. We found it in Burgaflex. We have had zero discharge hose failures since changing.

Burgaflex has created many efficiencies throughout our business. It is much easier to use, being one simple tool to crimp all sizes. The time saved using Burgaflex far outweighs any extra cost of the product.

Brock Macdonald
Managing Director at Rocklea Truck Electrical

Ready to save time and money with Burgaclip?

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