A collection of flexible hoses, reusable fittings and crimping tools, creating the most reliable HVACR hose system on the market. Inserting the BURGACLIP® fitting and completing the crimp takes just 30 seconds, helping you to solve your customer’s problems and get them back on the road faster.
With a low melting temperature and special flux core, BurgaBRAZE is the ultimate aluminium brazing rod. BurgaBRAZE is ideal for use with BurgaFlex BURGACLIP braze nipples that enable you to repair any OEM air-conditioning and alloy line.
For OEMs and system engineers, we can tailor a solution for your project. With access to the entire European-made range of Burgaflex hoses, fittings, pipes, tubing and more, our team is here to help you get the right hose and fitting system for your application.
Burgaflex Packout Kits offer a quick and easy hose and fitting solution. Creating a perfect seal in just 30 seconds, the reusable fitting kits are available in 3 different collections plus an all-in-one set, with each kit packed inside a tough Milwaukee Packout box.

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