Driving an Efficient AC System in this Unimog

Unimog 1

The Project

As the demand to explore Australia’s remote areas increases, so does the need for reliable off-grid expedition vehicles capable of handling challenging environments in safety and comfort.

A very special 6×6 U2450 Mog was delivered to our SuperTest HQ by expedition vehicle specialists Unidan Engineering.

The SuperCool team was tasked with validating the AC system design and setup to ensure the cabin AC performance could reliably withstand the harsh Australian environment.

How We Helped

The vehicle was already fitted with a Unicla UX170 compressor, BurgaClip hose and fittings, and twin Forumla evaporators, however, we soon identified that the condenser selection was not fit for purpose after vigorous high ambient testing >38 Deg C.

With the help of experts from NAPA Auto Parts and the SuperTest engineering team, we retrofitted a suitable heavy-duty RedDot R972012P condenser, revised the refrigerant charge and SOQ (System Oil Quantity), and adjusted the superheat on both evaporators.

The new system exceeded the cabin cooling requirements and is now ready for capable off-road and off-grid exploration.

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