element.ac PAG oil is a premium synthetic lubricant primarily designed for automotive air conditioning systems. Available in different viscosities, this PAG oil works seamlessly with Unicla and many OEM brands. A specialist synthetic R1234yf oil is also available for HFO1234yf applications in mobile air conditioning systems.
A premium mineral oil lubricant for all vacuum pump applications, including oil separators and reservoirs, this oil absorbs moisture during evacuation and acts as a blotter. OEM Approved by Unicla and Burgaflex, it offers excellent wear protection properties.
Ideal for AC system components such as flares, flanges, o-rings, seals and composite assemblies, element.ac spray lube is available in a convenient spray can. Offering quick mess-free lubrication for flares, flanges, o-rings, seals and assemblies, it is an essential addition to the workshop or toolbox.
element.ac POE electric compressor oil is a premium synthetic lubricant for HFC, CFC and HCFC refrigerant applications. OEM approved by Unicla Compressors, element.ac POE electric refrigeration oil is batch tested to ensure consistent quality so you can use it with confidence.
Available in higher and lower viscosities for HFC systems, element.ac POE oil is a premium synthetic lubricant for HPF, CFC and HCFC refrigerant applications. Available in viscosity grades 32 and 68, the element.ac POE lubricant is OEM approved and has been formulated for a wide variety of low-temperature applications.
This fully synthetic lubricant is commonly used in a range of automotive and industrial applications. Available with or without UV dye, element.ac PAO oil provides mobile AC and industrial users with an oil that can be used with confidence. A reliable, OEM-approved choice with lower viscosity, it is used extensively for auto, hydraulic, gear and bearing applications.

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