Lighter, Simpler, Safer: Improving This Loco’s AC System with the eDrive

  • Unicla Model: UD150-72V
  • Application: D Class Locomotive
  • Contractor: Don’t Lose Your Cool

The Challenge

When the 2-cylinder compressor in the AC unit of this D Class Locomotive was due for replacement, Adam Reynolds from Don’t Lose Your Cool reached out to the team at Unicla.

D-class-locl-DLYC-1-78x1024.jpgThe existing system had been in operation for 20+ years, with reports that the unit was underperforming (under condensing) in high ambient conditions, and the compressor drive motor was subject to water ingress. Adam knew that his rail operator client could reap serious benefits from new electric compressor technology.

The Solution

Unicla Australia technicians Daniel Brown and Jon Mitchell assisted Adam in selecting a UD150-72V model eDrive to replace the aged two-cylinder Bock compressor. This was direct coupled to a 72V drive motor with rubber coupling.

Swapping out the old compressor for the eDrive reduced the overall unit weight by 110kg, thanks to both the lighter weight of the new compressor and an overall reduction in contactors, piping, manifolds and breakers.

Further improvements were made to the system by removing six contactors and two resistors, delivering a significant cost saving to the rail operator – well into the tens of thousands.

The Results

A simpler contactor/resistor configuration and the reduction in overall weight have all contributed to a less complicated and more efficient AC system that produces greater performance in high ambients and significantly reduces power consumption.

The system is also completely protected by the eDrive Adaptive Control (EAC). The EAC logic offers comprehensive optimisation control for the entire system, ensuring safe operation and preventing the system from entering adverse conditions. This is achieved through a predetermined set of pressure, temperature, and power consumption values.

For this project, Adam was able to easily adjust these values to meet the specific requirements of the system and application using the eDrive’s user-friendly software, eConnect.

The complete eDrive package supplied for this project will save the rail operator an estimated $12,000 over the life of the compressor.

About the eDrive

The eDrive electric compressor features unconventional engineering for exceptional performance, reliability and efficiency.

The bespoke electric drive motor has been designed and built from the ground up specifically for the eDrive compressor. Keeping the brushless motor and windings separate from the refrigerant circuit substantially increases the unit’s performance, reliability and efficiency.

The patented motor cooling jacket surrounds the smooth, low-noise, vibration-free swashplate compressor which features a single-piece leak-free crankcase. With a cooling capacity of 3 to 14kW and a range of voltages available, the Unicla eDrive is compatible with R134a, R404a, R513a, R452a, R1234yf and R1234yz.

Bringing all these features to life is the purpose-built eConnect software, enabling technicians to communicate with the machine. Access every eDrive in your fleet, either remotely or on-site, and see graphical data for all key parameters so you can diagnose and fix issues quickly.

To find out how to get the benefits of Unicla’s eDrive electric compressor in your specific application, please contact our team.

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