Viper Hand Rub Sanitiser

SuperCool Group is proud to launch the first Australian made Viper product, the Hand Rub Sanitiser.

✅ Alcohol-free
✅ Ideal for use on children, near food, plants and pets
✅ Active ingredient remains on the skin surface and does not evaporate
✅ Kills >99.9% of bacteria
✅ Ready to use in any conventional household trigger sprayer
✅ Contains 0.1% benzalkonium chloride

Viper Hand Rub Sanitiser News

Personal sanitary measures will stay with us for long after COVID-19, so to eliminate the risk of dryness, irritation, cracking and dermatitis that can come with the regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers we decided to develop a hand rub based on 0.1% benzalkonium chloride with the addition of softening agents.

In addition to the potential for skin conditions, hand sanitisers based on a +70% alcohol content are highly flammable, meaning precautions must be taken into account when handling, transporting and storing them.

Our first release of Viper Hand Rub Sanitiser is a 5.0-litre bottle due to an Australia-wide shortage of sprayer heads. We are preparing a 450ml push sprayer for launch next month.

Part No. RT8990

Available from your local branch of Kirby HVACR or Beijer Ref

For automotive customers, please contact SuperCool Group on +61 (0)7 5549 4000 to find your nearest distributor.

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