Viper Germicidal Disinfectant is Aluminium SAFE

It’s official: Technicians can use Viper Germicidal Disinfectant with complete confidence on all aluminium surfaces, including micro-channel HVACR coils operating at elevated temperatures.

Viper Germicidal is an Australian made TGA compliant hospital grade ready mix hard surface disinfectant perfect for sanitising HVACR coils.

A rigorous ‘accelerated compatibility test’ performed by Australian Chemical Services has determined that Viper Germicidal will have zero adverse effect on all grades and types of aluminium, including micro-channel HVACR coils, even after prolonged use.

The test involved repeated cycles of applying Viper Germicidal to unprotected parts of an aluminium micro-channel HVACR coil and subjecting it to high temperatures.

Inspection of the coil after the test found no difference between the half of the coil that had been treated with Viper Germicidal and that which had not.

Germicidal Before
Germicidal After

Formulated on the latest quaternary ammonium compound technology, the 4-in-1 formulation of Viper Germicidal contains advanced active ingredients that are highly effective at killing bacteria and germs, and controlling mould.

Subtly fragranced and pH neutral, this product is suitable for all hard surfaces and all industry sectors.

Download the Accelerated Compatibility Test report

Creating a safer environment

Applying anti-bacterial cleaners, commercial or hospital grade disinfectants to a clean surface dramatically reduces the risk of continued microbial growth and delays further microbial growth by extending product life on the surface.


There is little point in applying disinfectant to heavily soiled coils as this does not eliminate contamination because disinfectants do not remove or digest organic matter such as mould and natural fats – that can act as food sources for germs – especially within a heat exchanger or coil.

Choose the best Viper coil cleaning product for the task in hand and use that before applying Viper Germicidal to an HVACR coil or heat exchanger.

In conjunction with clean coils, regular replacement and cleaning of return air filters helps reduce the likelihood of germs and bacteria spreading through an HVACR system as well as reducing condensation, which provides pathways for bacteria and germs that can spread rapidly through droplets.

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