Refrigeration Technologies Viper 2019 product catalogue now available

SuperCool Group is proud to introduce the 2019 Refrigeration Technologies Viper product catalogue featuring the full range of coil cleaners, pan and drain treatment, coil protection, ice machine cleaners, sealants, lubricants, welding compounds, testing kits, leak detection fluid and hand cleaners.

In addition to detailed product information about the Viper range, the new catalogue features informative articles about removing carbon deposits, the benefits of using thermal imaging and the commercial opportunity of offering a structured cleaning regime.

There is also a handy coil cleaner selection guide designed to help technicians to choose the right product when working with different combinations of soil types and surface materials.

Remember: All Viper coil cleaners are NSF registered for use in and around food processing areas. While competing products may also carry NSF registration, not all are approved for food processing areas. There is a BIG difference.

As SuperCool Group General Manager Jon Mitchell put it: “A key factor for all technicians to take note of is that if a product is certified for use in and around food processing areas, it will be safe and reliable for use by everyone.”

Download the PDF version or view the catalogue below.

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