If it’s food safe, it’s Technician Safe

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Refrigeration Technologies Viper products, are certified by global public health and safety organisation NSF (founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation) for use in and around food processing areas.

Products certified by NSF are produced in compliance with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF that are designed to protect your health and that of the public.

Many chemicals used in the HVACR industry are promoted as having NSF certification, yet are unsafe for the technician or for use in specific sensitive areas and are NSF registered for use only in non-food processing areas.

The difference with Viper coil cleaners and other products is that they carry specific NSF registration for use in and around food processing areas.

As SuperCool Group General Manager Jon Mitchell put it: “If a product is certified for use in and around food processing areas, it will be safe and reliable for use by everyone.”

Download the official NSF listing for Refrigeration Technologies products, including the four new Max Strength Venom Packs:

  • Viper All Purpose Cleaner
  • Viper Brightener Cleaner
  • Viper Condenser Cleaner
  • Viper Evaporator Cleaner

To learn more about each NSF product registration and what it means, simply punch “NSF” followed by the registration number for a product into Google.

For more information about Refrigeration Technologies products, visit https://www.supercool.com.au/refrigeration-technologies.html

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