Webinar: HVAC/R System Maintenance and Performance Benefits with Rene Le Miere

Rene Le Miere Portrait

AIRAH Refrigeration Webinar: Session 3

SuperCool’s Rene Le Miere was recently invited as a speaker on AIRAH’s Refrigeration Webinar Series where he explained the importance of good system maintenance.

This session along with others in the series has been made available to the public thanks to AIRAH, and can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.

Webinar Overview – Effective System Maintenance

This informative session focuses on the different aspects of system maintenance and how neglecting regular maintenance can have a negative effect on performance, increasing the energy used by the system. This drop in performance has been scientifically measured in our SuperTest facility during tests we carried out for the Australian Government.

Rene shares the detailed test protocol in this video. 

"Maintenance is critical for reducing lifecycle costs and keeping climate impacts in check."
Rene Le Miere Portrait
Rene Le Miere
Business Manager

Key Webinar Points

  • This session highlights the significance of life cycle costs (LCC) and life cycle climate potential (LCCP) in decision-making for system design and maintenance.
  • Proper maintenance involves optimising the vapour compression cycle and fully understanding each system component and its impact on performance.
  • SuperTest, our independent thermal test chamber, is showcased in this video as Rene runs through our capabilities for testing refrigeration systems and other thermal equipment.
  • Rene shares a case study of recent testing results, indicating that common faults like heat exchanger blockages and refrigerant issues can lead to system inefficiency and increased energy consumption. Performance bench testing commissioned by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water sought to uncover the measurable impact common faults have on performance. Blocked filters, contaminated refrigerant and other common (and preventable) issues have led to an increase in energy consumption – up to 69% in one instance.
  • Looking to the future, engineers and system designers need to consider both LCC and LCCP in order to achieve commercial outcomes and limit the impact on the environment. This includes considering maintenance objectives and requirements from initial concept design right through to everyday operation.
"In short, systems that are operating as designed and maintained correctly will have a positive outcome on energy use. This means a reduction in carbon emissions, a longer useful life, and ultimately, better commercial outcomes."
Rene Le Miere Portrait
Rene Le Miere
Business Manager

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