How We Tested THERMAL-XR® powered by GMG Graphene to Demonstrate Energy Reductions Performance

THERMAL-XR Logo png (1)SuperTest Project Review:

Customised Energy Usage Testing on new equipment comparing uncoated coils versus coated coils with THERMAL-XR® powered by GMG Graphene.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 145044Key Takeaways:

  • Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (GMG) needed to independently test under controlled conditions with non-variable equipment to demonstrate its energy reduction performance of THERMAL-XR® – graphene dosed coating.
  • GMG knew that controlled third-party testing would be vital in proving the product’s capability to distributors and customers.
  • SuperTest custom-designed testing to validate the product under strict controlled environmental conditions, and assisted with designing and commissioning non-variable equipment.
  • Two tests were undertaken:
    • The first test results showed that THERMAL-XR® was able to reduce the equipment’s energy consumption by 15.9% to reach a set temperature point with 16.1% less time.
    • The second test results showed a 4.7% energy saving over a 48 hour period with the THERMAL-XR® coating, when operating the equipment non-stop at 100% cooling capacity while cycling on thermostat.
  • This validation of performance improvement has been instrumental in helping GMG’s customer conversations.

The Catalyst

“THERMAL-XR® is a relatively new product and new concept for the HVAC-R market to comprehend,” says Mark Lock, General Manager Sales at GMG.

“Our coating system, THERMAL-XR®, improves the heat transfer of corroded heat exchanger surfaces and helps new units perform better. Using the properties of GMG graphene, we’ve proved increased heat dissipation, which results in energy savings.”

Mark says that independent, third-party testing of THERMAL-XR® coil coating under controlled and non-variable conditions has been difficult to procure with a competent partner.

“GMG has produced a large number of internal testing methods, conducted heat transfer assessments that have been verified by The University of Queensland, and we’ve seen positive performance in the field. We know the coating delivers reduced energy consumption, and therefore less emissions, but our distributors and customers have requested stronger evidence in a neutral environment on new equipment.”

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Partnering with SuperTest

Mark notes that GMG had previously looked at other testing companies, but found they could only offer standard industry testing and simplistic energy efficiency tests, which didn’t isolate the specific performance of THERMAL-XR®.

“Standard testing is not designed to isolate energy savings from a graphene coating, so GMG needed a partner that could design and undertake a bespoke test. GMG met with the SuperTest team to discuss and design our testing program, and inspect the SuperTest facilities. SuperTest’s demonstrated expertise, attention to detail and ISO-standard facilities provided GMG with confidence.”

Rene Le Miere, Business Manager at SuperTest, says that designing customised testing is no issue thanks to the Gold Coast facility’s flexible and methodical approach.

“Designing the test to monitor performance in controlled conditions was critical for the GMG team,” notes Rene.

“Mark and his team needed a very bespoke approach, as a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t accurately isolate the THERMAL-XR® difference, meaning the test data would be voided due to equipment impacts and temperature changes.”

“We needed to design a test that could prove the product’s energy savings performance in isolation, to fully illustrate the benefits to potential customers.”

Picture1Testing Overview

Rene explains that the two-part test was designed collaboratively with GMG to ensure the coating was rigorously tested under stringent, controlled conditions.

“A new cold room refrigeration system with variability removed was tested to investigate the effect of GMG’s THERMAL-XR® coil coating on the system’s power consumption,” explains Rene.

“We did this with two tests: Test 1 was the pull-down test that measured the time to reach a set temperature, and Test 2 was a continuous 48-hour operation at a set temperature. These two tests enabled the isolation of the THERMAL-XR® coating performance in what could be considered a simulated commercial operating situation.”

15.9% reduction in the system’s overall energy consumption
4.7% reduction in energy consumption
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thermalgmgThe Achieved Results

Energy savings in both tests was the outcome:

The average pull-down time in stage one (the control) was 1:10:41, resulting in around 2.86kWh of energy consumption. By comparison, the coated coil showed a reduced pull-down time of 0:59:17, resulting in around 2.41kWh of energy consumption – a 15.9% reduction in the system’s overall energy consumption.

In addition, the continuous 48h runs show the coated unit delivered up to a 4.7% reduction in energy consumption compared to the control. However, at each 12 hour measurement point, the energy savings keep increasing.

“It would be interesting to know when the energy savings stopped!” commented Mark.

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The Way Ahead for THERMAL-XR®

“The SuperTest test results have really changed customer and distributor conversations for us. Having this third-party data has added more evidence to support the performance of THERMAL-XR®,” says Mark.

Rene adds that the possibilities for testing all kinds of mobile and stationary HVAC-R equipment are expanding all the time as the SuperTest facility grows.

“Our facility is made up of several different test chambers with a plethora of sensors and environmental controls, which means we can really customise tests for our clients. Our newest chamber is designed to meet ISO standards for refrigerated cabinet testing, and soon clients will also be able to test commercial ice machines and hot water heat pumps as well.”

“As we approach the final phases of NATA certification, the opportunities to help people design more efficient equipment are expanding every day.”


Update: 29th February 2024

We extend our congratulations to GMG for their nomination as a finalist in the 2024 ARBS Awards for Product Excellence. As a NATA accredited facility, we remain independent and impartial throughout the testing cycle, however we congratulate GMG on producing a product that improves efficiency and aligns with SuperCool’s core values.


THERMAL-XR® powered by GMG Graphene is a Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd brand. PATENT PENDING.

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