Announcing BurgaFlex BurgaBRAZE

SuperCool Group is proud to introduce BurgaFlex BurgaBRAZE, the ultimate low-temperature aluminium brazing rod with non-corrosive flux core containing Atmosin that allows the alloy to move freely, eliminating potential flux entrapment.

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Here are a few examples of why BurgaBRAZE is the best aluminium brazing rod on the market:

  • It is compatible with MAPP gas, propane, butane and oxy-acetylene
  • It has an industry leading low melting temperature
  • It is suitable for most grades of alloy
  • It joins aluminium to stainless steel
  • Once cooled, the material can be machined, drilled, tapped, threaded, plated or even bent without causing pinholes or porosity


As Tumut Auto Electrics director Darrel Hursey put it, BurgaBRAZE “flows like solder, holds like a weld”.

Need more flux? BurgaFlex BurgaFLUX is the perfect companion.

BurgaBRAZE is ideal for use with BurgaFlex BurgaClip braze nipples that enable you to repair any OEM air-conditioning and alloy line – see how time- and cost-saving the BurgaClip system is in this video:

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