Airworks Announces Distribution Partnership with Unicla

Airworks Announces Distribution Partnership with Unicla

USA mobile cooling solutions leader to provide new generation airconditioning and refrigeration compressors to meet the growing demand for increased efficiency and improved environmental standards.


Redondo Beach, California – Airworks Cooling Solutions, a market leader in providing parts and systems for the mobile airconditioning and refrigeration industry, has today announced a distribution partnership with Unicla International Limited to supply a new range of compressors to North and South American regions.

Airworks President, Alton Poole, made an announcement noting that Airworks is proud to support a quality product. 

“Our team at Airworks knows Unicla technology very well,” explains Alton. 

“We will be distributing a broad range of compressors from 45cc to 675cc capacities, including all belt drive models and a new range available in hydraulic and electric drive capabilities. Unicla is a pioneer in the development of 10-cylinder and 14-cylinder swashplate technology, and we are proud to be a partner.”  

Unicla is a long-established manufacturer of automotive airconditioning products which recently celebrated its golden anniversary. The company is based in Hong Kong and Australia and is well known for its high-quality and robust compressors. 

Global Technical Director, Mark Mitchell, says this is a great opportunity for both companies to deliver alternative technologies to the US market to meet growing demand.

“Unicla is looking to the future with Airworks to provide different drive mechanisms for cooling systems,” notes Mark. 

“We certainly need to maintain the traditional belt drive units which will be our mainstay for some time yet, but new H-Drive (hydraulic) and E-Drive (electric) models will become more and more necessary in the coming years.”

The changing nature of diesel engines and drive systems in general, size and space availability make alternative drive mechanisms such as hydraulic systems more viable. Combine this with vehicle electrification and it’s plain to see that the traditional way of doing things is changing rapidly. 

“The team at Airworks has the experience and capability to meet these new challenges and we are glad that Alton and I were able to reach this agreement during his recent visit to Australia,” adds Mark.

Alton Poole is equally optimistic. 

“Our distribution of Unicla’s product offering will commence immediately, and our team is looking forward to meeting the next generation of Unicla partners at forthcoming trade shows and conventions.”


Further information 

Alton Poole

[email protected]

+1 909 9960519


Mark Mitchell

[email protected]

+61 409 392319

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