Viper WetRag™

Viper WetRag™

Part Number: RT400P

Viper WetRag™ is a reusable, non-toxic heat blocking putty made from the same materials found in the Space Shuttle’s heat shield. It is more effective than traditional wet rag applications at protecting surfaces, valves and other sensitive parts from direct and conductive heat damage during brazing, soldering or welding. Simply apply, remove, and reuse the no-mess formula.

Surfaces, valves and other heat-sensitive components close to brazing, soldering or welding with Map/Pro, Oxy/Acetylene, MIG, TIG, Arc or Propane torches

  1. Mould as much Viper WetRag™ putty to the surface as you can for maximum protection.
  2. Welding techniques and applications will vary. Use a low flame and flow nitrogen for added protection.
  3. Braze, solder or weld.
  4. Allow surfaces to cool before removing Viper WetRag™ putty and returning it to the package.
  5. Remoisten with a few drops of water if putty becomes dry. Good for up to 40 uses.
  • Viper WetRag™ withstands temperatures greater than 1100°C
  • Reusable up to 40 times and can be simply moistened with a small amount of water if it becomes dry
  • Only the air inside the tubing will heat up, so use low heat and flow nitrogen for added protection
  • Products of combustion or direct contact with the flame are non-toxic
  • When the blue colour changes, it is time to replace the product

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