Viper Pan & Drain Treatment

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Viper Pan & Drain Treatment

Part Number: RT800S

Viper Pan and Drain Treatment is a non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable and food industry compliant (NSF certified) triple-action gel that stops chronic drain blockages and has been proven to both outperform and outlast most tablets or strips. Enzymes break up and disperse slime, sludge, algae, stains and odour-causing bacteria while a slow-dissolving silicone detergent prolongs the cleaning process and leaves a slippery silicone coating on treated surfaces to prevent future contaminant build-up.

Condensate pans and lower sections of evaporator coils.

  1. Blow out the drain if clogged.
  2. Spray the entire pan and drain and bottom rows of the evaporator coil with Viper Pan and Drain Treatment.
  3. No waiting required.
  4. No rinsing required.
  • Viper Pan & Drain Treatment is chemically compatible with Viper Evap+ (RT350G), Viper Evaporator Cleaner (RT320V) Viper Heavy Duty (RT390G), Viper Coil Cleaner (RT375A) and Viper Condenser Cleaner (RT330V), and should be used in tandem with these to totally remove grease, grime and sludge in the entire evaporator section, p-trap and drain line
  • Viper Pan & Drain Treatment can take up to three months to fully dissolve, depending on how much condensation is generated and if the applied area is heavily soiled. To keep the drain and pan clean and clear all year round, we recommend you reapply Viper Pan & Drain Treatment at every service
  • Unlike tablets or strips, the entire condensate pan can be spray-coated for complete coverage
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NSF and Kosher Certified Biodegradable and Eco Friendly

Food Safe

Approved for use around food


Slow disolving gel cleans entire pan and drain

Odor Control

Specialty enzymes break down odor causing bacteria


Silicone detergents leave behind a slick surface preventing future drain blockage

Full Coverage

Sprayable product allows for full coverage unlike tabs or strips