Truck Show is timely K Value reminder

Truck Show is timely K Value reminder

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25 to 28 May 2017

At Truck Show time, industry needs to focus on the advantages of K Value validation of all cold chain transports.

The SuperTest environmental test centre at the SuperCool complex at Ormeau in Queensland has a well-earned reputation as Australia’s only test centre where the biggest registered trailer can be K Value tested in rooms that can be controlled from +55°C to -10°C.

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There is no other matching testing facility currently available in Australia, particularly one which is accessible and affordable to industry.

SuperTest carries out K Value testing and analysis for vehicle bodies and trailers up to 26 metres long, conforming to Australian Standards such as AS4982.

K Value is thermal conductivity or a value of the amount of heat, in watts, that is transferred into a truck or trailer body through leakage or failure of construction materials.

Test findings can assist engineers to make design refinements in components and systems that ultimately may improve operational economies, help companies meet regulatory and compliance standards and minimise environmentally damaging emissions.

The SuperTest philosophy is to help industry find out more about their equipment and processes so that they can achieve cost efficiencies without dramatically affecting operational costs.

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