The US chemist who developed the Refrigeration Technologies range of unique coil cleaning and leak detection products visits SuperCool

The CEO of Refrigeration Technologies, John Pastorello has spent a week in Australia with the SuperCool team that markets and distributes his coil cleaning and leak detection products to refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance teams around Australasia.

John is proud of the fact that he has used his skills as a qualified chemist, along with his early experience on the tools as a refrigeration maintanance technician, to develop a world-beating array of food safe chemicals that have now been adopted by some of Australia's leading refrigeration service providers for coil cleaning in big commercial and industrial buildings.

During his visit, John supervised a major coil cleaning operation in an international hotel, which had, up till now, defied all previous attempts to dislodge a blockage of dirt and grease that had build up over many years. Using his foaming Viper Brite product, a maintenance team cleared the blockage, helping the owners avoid a potentially significant coil replacement cost.

 John was photographed with the SuperCool team in front of a recently-arrived container load of Refrigeration Technologies products. They are, from left:

Amir Jahan – Group Engineer, Kurt Pham - Storeman, Shingo Kawabata - Unicla Assembly Technician, Roy Nichols - Asset Maintenance, Ben Burgess – Sales and Operations Manager, Jon Mitchell – General Manager, Mark Mitchell – Managing Director, John Pastorello - CEO Refrigeration Technologies, Marty Collins – National Sales Manager, Danny Drennan – General Assembly Technician and Luke Allen – Product and Logistics Manager.

Second pic: Mark Mitchell and John Pastorello at SuperCool Asia Pacific HQ.