The coil that ran red

Is it blood, rust or dirt?

The SuperCool team was faced with cleaning a large air conditioning coil that obviously came from somewhere in the bush, as a prelude to conducting tests on its efficiency.

The popular Refrigeration Technologies coil cleaner, Viper Brite, was used in a powerful ratio of three to one, applied through a pressure spray gun.

 The coil may have looked clean, but it soon became apparent that inside its fins were probably five or six years of sheer neglect, in a town somewhere where wind-blown red dust and sand is a normal weather condition.

 The Viper Brite very quickly began to break down the gunk deep inside the coil, and what was initially thought to be rust, turned out to be red dust. It provided an interesting pattern on the foam residue.

 One 3.8 litre bottle of Brite was used in two applications. After a good rinsing, the second application began to pull black carbon out of the coil and the pan, along with feathers, leaves, electrical tape, zip ties and even a drill bit.

 Cleaning the coil will dramatically improve its life expectancy and efficiency, as well as reduce harmful emissions and the electricity bills.

...and this is how the coil looked after the clean with Viper Brite.