SuperTest’s K Value expertise in magazine feature

Leading truck and trailer magazine Power Torque featured the work on K Value validation on refrigerated trucks and trailers being conducted at the SuperCool Group’s SuperTest environmental test centre, in its Trailer Torque section of its December 2017 magazine.

Trucking journalist David Whyte spent hours with Supercool Managing Director Mark Mitchell at SuperTest to fully understand the importance of K Value knowledge to the Australian trucking fleet. His article ‘Keeping Your Cool’ clearly explains the the work that goes into the validation process. His story pulls no punches about the reluctance of some companies to put trailers on the road without due attention to their abilities to retain the temperatures demanded by the produce they are carrying. He says ‘I shouldn’t think it will be long before the larger fleets, whether by their own choice or that of their clients, will be looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their fridge vans, and I would guess the AS4982 standard will become the industry norm.’

Trialer Torque article reproduced with permission of Motoring Matters Magazine Group.

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