SuperCool launches Viper HVACR hygiene initiative

SuperCool Group has launched a series of educational flyers and social media posts featuring actionable and achievable ways to minimise infectious disease transmission through HVACR systems.


Infographics providing an easy five-step process are accompanied by a reminder that applying disinfectant to a heavily soiled coil or surface does not eliminate contamination, because such products do not remove or digest organic matter such as mould and natural fats – that can act as food sources for germs – especially within a heat exchanger.

Guides outlining which Refrigeration Technologies Viper products are best used for each part of an HVACR system are provided for bus and coach applications, trucks and off-highway vehicles, and stationary HVACR.

The message is clear: Coils and surfaces need to be clean before applying an anti-bacterial cleaner or commercial grade disinfectant.

Applying these to a clean surface both increases the chemical’s ability to perform and drastically reduces the risk of continued microbial growth, while delaying further microbial growth by extending product life on the surface.

The flyers were quickly welcomed and embraced by wholesalers and the broader industry as improving hygiene becomes a key talking point as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the flyer for Bus and Coach applications

Download the flyer for Trucks and Off-Highway vehicles

Download the flyer for Stationary HVACR applications

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