SuperCool a big hit at Auto Expo

SuperCool's debut at Australia's biggest auto aftermarket expo in Melbourne during April 2017 brought two of its key products, Burgaclip and HotBlock to the notice of many hundreds of technicians and panel shops. 

The SuperCool booth was crowded from start to finish of the three day event, with active demonstrations of both technologies being conducted simultaneously by SuperCool General Manager Jon Mitchell and National Sales Manager Martin Collins. While that action was going on, SuperCool Managing Director Mark Mitchell was talking non-stop to vehicle air conditioning technicians about the advances made in the Unicla compressor range.

The team gave the Expo top marks for exposure to the auto trades. The fact that the Auto Expo also contained a Collision Repair Expo meant that the audience contained many technicians from the panel shop side of the auto market - prime candidates for SolderWeld's HotBlock heat absorption putty for brazing, soldering and welding.

Here are two pics of the team hard at work at Expo, which by the way attracted almost 11,000 industry tradespeople.

Two demonstrations at the same time – Martin on the left with HotBlock and Jon on the right with Burgaclip

Jon in serious discussion with auto technicians

Want to know more about these products? Here are some downloads that you will find interesting, especially the video clips.

All about HotBlock

The Burgaflex and Burgaclip video – click on the video screen below

The HotBlock video – click on the video screen below

The Unicla compressor video – click on the video screen below

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