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Tools and software to make your HVAC&R processes safer, easier and more efficient.

No matter where your business fits into the cold chain, we’re here to help with a range of intelligent HVACR monitoring tools.

The Supersense SMARTprobe rides along with your chilled product and mimics its response to changes in temperature. The Neutronics refrigerant ID units tell you exactly what gases are in your system. And the Euroscan telematics system gives you second-by-second reporting on cold chain vehicle temperature.

Our HVACR monitoring and analysis systems will enable a more efficient approach to your everyday cold chain processes, minimising waste in the cold chain.


Supersense smart temperature monitoring probe

Supersense SMARTprobe is a product simulation probe that mimics the core temperature of your unique product. The SMARTprobe responds to environmental changes exactly like the food item that it’s mimicking, eliminating destructive temperature checks on real food.

Your SMARTprobe can be programmed to act as cheese, ice cream or any chilled product you wish. Then, use the SMARTware app to map real-time temperature fluctuations throughout the cold chain.

See how the Supersense probe works


Neutronics refrigerant tools

When hooking up your equipment to an existing air-conditioning or refrigeration unit, the only real way to know what you’re getting into is by using a refrigerant identifier.

Supercool imports and distributes US-made Neutronics identifying tools. These handheld units help you to accurately pinpoint the refrigerant mix in a system, preventing contamination through quick and easy sampling.

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Euroscan temperature monitoring system

Helping to power global transport for McDonald’s, Aldi and FedEx, the Euroscan system accurately monitors product temperature throughout the entire cold chain journey.

Reliable and easy to use, the Euroscan system keeps track of up to six refrigerated compartments, providing data points every second. An instant printed temperature report is created for each critical control point, offering data transparency for anyone transporting and storing temperature-sensitive products.

Learn more about Euroscan technology

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