Repairing Drill Holes and Hacksaw Cuts with BurgaBRAZE

In this article, our Head of Training, Brett Meads, covers several common applications for BurgaBRAZE flux-cored alloy brazing rods: repairing hack saw cuts and drill holes in AC pipes and tubes, and joining fittings to a pipe.
Brett Meads
Brett Meads
Head of Training

1. Repairing a Hack-Saw Cut

BurgaBRAZE flux-cored alloy brazing rods are the ideal choice for repairing alloy AC pipes and tubes.

In these images, damage caused by a hack-saw blade cutting part-way through an alloy AC pipe is easily repaired.

Thanks to the unique properties of BurgaBRAZE, repairing this type of damage is simple, successful, and leak free.

Brett highlights that the unique flux chemistry of BurgaBRAZE flux-cored alloy brazing rods makes repairing old alloy pipes that have been in service for some time a breeze.

“Not only does the flux easily etch the pipe surface, the alloy rod composition offers the perfect working temperature for AC grade extruded alloy pipes. When used with care, this combination provides the ability to ‘work the repair area’ more than once – essential when repairing larger areas of damage.”

2. Repairing a Drill Hole

Brett demonstrates in these photos how a 3.2mm (1/8”) drill hole in an alloy AC pipe can be repaired in multiple steps using BurgaBRAZE.

This kind of damage might be typical of a ‘rub-through’ from a bracket or cable, or damage from a screw or bolt.

Brett explains that the unique flux chemistry of BurgaBRAZE allows alloy pipes that have been in service to be easily repaired.

“Again we can see the alloy composition providing the perfect working temperature envelope for use on AC grade extruded alloy pipes. Furthermore, the ability to work BurgaBRAZE more than once is what makes it possible to repair the damage effectively.”

3. Joining Fittings to a Pipe

Another common application for BurgaBRAZE is joining fittings to a pipe. 

“BurgaBRAZE allows me to easily repair any factory AC hose with a leaking beadlock fitting,” explains Brett.

“I can re-use the vehicle-specific hose fittings and pipework, and reliably braze on a new tail in minutes. No need to order in expensive genuine parts – I can fix it today with BurgaBRAZE.”

With BurgaBRAZE, you can go from unfixable to fixed in just 90 seconds.

With its industry leading low melting temperature and special flux core, BurgaBRAZE is the ultimate aluminium brazing rod.

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