Technical Bulletins

The suction line in an air-conditioning system requires careful design and sizing to ensure adequate refrigerant flow. Pressure and temperature in the line can be used to diagnose system performance issues, and this booklet explains the main system features affected by poor suction line performance and how to overcome them.
This technical bulletin explains the importance of a good suction line. Diagrams show the adverse effects on a system caused by incorrect pipe or hose size, excessive bends or turns, or a fault in the line between the evaporator and compressor. It also shows recommended hose and fitting sizes to avoid pressure drop in the line.
The Unicla engineering team undertook a test to scientifically support anecdotal feedback from customers that their ‘system runs better and more efficiently’ using Unicla 170 and 200 Series compressors. We tested a Unicla 10 cylinder swashplate compressor and a comparable competitor product, with results showing the Unicla compressor used 16% less power consumption, had better COP, and significantly reduced overall running costs.
Automotive AC systems can be contaminated with hydrocarbon refrigerants, resulting in potential risks including leaks, vehicle fires or explosions. This visual flowchart helps dealers safely manage these risks, showing a step by step outline of recommended best practice service procedures.

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