Flowcharts help navigate contaminated refrigerant dilemmas

Unicla Refrigerant Warning Charts

The retrofitting of hydrocarbon or other highly flammable refrigerants into automotive air-conditioning systems in some countries including Australia, combined with the global issue of counterfeit refrigerants that may or may not be what is stated on the packaging, has caused a confusing environment for technicians. For this reason, Unicla publishes special procedure charts to help […]

Download the new Refrigeration Technologies Viper flyer

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SuperCool Group is proud to publish its latest Refrigeration Technologies Viper product flyer, focussing on the comprehensive range of Viper coil cleaners, the Viper Foam Gun coil cleaner applicator and Viper’s high-performance pan and drain treatment. Also featured is the Nylog Blue sealants and lubricant, now OEM approved and recommended by global air-conditioning giant GREE, […]

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